Pure Spices | The Spices We All Love

A fiesta of flavors, scents and colors – that’s how people in the know describe the hundreds of herbs and spices offered by Tibulim Ram. The spices are grown in the fields of Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan in the Zebulun Valley as well as in fields in the Jezreel Valley and the Galilee. The origin of some of these plants is the countries of the Mediterranean, Africa, South America and the Far East.

The list of choice spices offered by Tibulim Ram is too long to list on a single page. The company’s product catalog contains over 300 pure spices and at least the same number are produced according to the unique requirements of Tibulim Ram customers.

Whatever special spices food factories, chefs or pastry chefs need they can find or special order from our R&D Department.

And just to give you a small “taste” of what we offer – we have have ten types of paprika, four different sources for cumin, and the same holds true for coriander, hyssop, garlic, cinnamon and hundreds of other spices. And this does not even include exotic spices such as star anise, seaweed, Egyptian basil, saffron, galangal, jute mallow … Want more? No problem, just check out the catalog.
check out the catalog.

Our secret over the past 50 years, since we began growing spices in the fields of Moshav Beit Lehem Haglilit, has been our unique method of processing that preserves the natural flavors, scents and colors of the plants, and our meticulous attention to the quality of the finished product.

We invite you to participate in the festival of flavors of the hundreds of pure spices we offer. We also invite you to order anything you need.

Hyssop/za’atar - Hyssop is a plant that grows in the wild. It grows 40 cm to 50 cm high. Its leaves are small and fragrant and to release their scent, crush them between your fingers. Hyssop flowers in the spring and blooms in the summer. Common hyssop is one of the best-known and most used plants for popular, folk medicine and industrial purposes among the region’s residents. The Jews of Yemen use hyssop to prepare a drink to ease labor pains, while Arab villagers believe that eating hyssop improves memory and promotes clear thinking. Eating hyssop causes the body to excrete toxins and drinking a concentrated boiled potion with hyssop acts as an antidote for various poisons. Hyssop is used as a spice in many dishes and also used to
produce oil.