Quality Control

Tibulim Ram always puts quality and the pursuit of excellence first. That was the vision of its founders and that vision continues to this very day. To realize this vision, Tibulim Ram invests significant resources in quality control, whether by constantly working to enhance its unique growing methods, stringent selection of herbs, infusion herbs, fragrance and medicinal plants as well as dried fruit, use of only the finest raw materials and implementation of advanced technologies in production and monitoring of the packing process.

A highly experienced food engineer leads the Tibulim Ram quality control team, and she has integrated very strict monitoring and oversight processes.

The products undergo a variety of tests required by the Ministry of Health and Israeli food standards for spices, seasoning mixes and infusions. These tests are designed to ensure that Tibulim Ram products comply with bacteriology and organoleptic requirements. We also check for pesticide residues and perform other special tests, as requested by customers.

The methods used to process the plants, are designed from start to finish to preserve their natural flavors, scents and colors and to offer Tibulim Ram customers the tastiest and best possible products.

Packaging is done using advanced technology, and we use quality raw materials that optimally preserve the freshness of the products throughout their shelf life.

The Tibulim Ram factory is ISO 9001:2000 certified. This is an international quality control standard that ensures work according to defined procedures, delivery of products in accordance with customer requirements and compliance with all legal requirements (Israeli standards, directives of the Ministry of Health).

Tibulim Ram was authorized lately by the Standards Institution of Israel for Food safety management system (HACCP).
This is the system witch analyzes the work procedures in the organization, identifies possible hazards and defines control points in order to prevent or reduce hazards at the final product, which might damage the consumer's health.