Food safety system HACCP
July 2010
The quality management layout of our company was examined and reviewed by The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) and was found eligible to the requirements of HACCP food safety system at the field of row material and spices manufacturing for the food industry.
Tibulim Ram Company has reached an unique achievement at the field of raw material and processed spices manufacturing for the leading food industry in Israel due to it's achievement of the Food Safety Standard HACCP.

Tibulim Ram has increased the range of Herbal infusions and seasoning mixes.
March 2009
Tibulim Ram has increased the range of Herbal infusions and seasoning mixes for all the different markets (factories, kitchens and households).
The seasoning mixes are used to season different kinds of meat, salads, pizza, fish, white and yellow cheeses, rice, potatoes, omelets, pies etc.
Infusions contain a range of different herbs and excotic fruits,that are atractive and surprising with special flavors, colors and smells.
The seasoning mixes and herbal infusions are available for sale in a 1 kg bag or larger packages.
The list of new products can be found in the catalog on our website.

Tibulim Ram has developed a new line of soup powders.
February 2009
Tibulim Ram has developed a new line of soup powders. It will be marketed in three different flavors: chicken, mushroom and onion. The soup powders can be used for seasoning and preparing different kinds of soups.
The new products are available in two different formulas:
natural witout monosodium (which will be declared on the packagelabelling).
The product is available for sale in a 1 kg bag and larger sizes.
In the near future we plan to increase the range of flavors.

Tibulim Ram is the exclusive distributor of products for the SYMRISE Company
January 2009
The Tibulim Ram Company signed a distribution exclusivity agreement with the SYMRISE Company,
for its products in the in the food & beverage industry in Israel.
The Symrise Company, located in Germany is one of the largest companies in the world for the
production of extracts, flavorings & aromas, natural food colorings and vegetable extracts.
The company has six plants, 26 sales outlets, and development and application labs worldwide.

Tibulim Ram has established a joint subsidiary company named Pilpel
September 2008
The Tibulim Ram Company has set up a joint subsidiary company named Pilpel that will operate
as a marketing & sales company in the food industry market.
The Pilpel Company will deal with the marketing and sales of supplementary materials, spices,
flavorings and extracts for application in the food industry.
These blends are responsible for giving the end product texture, shelf life, appearance, color, flavor,
smell and additional unique properties for the customer’s end product. Furthermore, the mixtures’ properties help the customer to produce a more efficient product, from the production and price aspects.

Tibulim Ram expands its product basket
April 2008
Tibulim Ram is expanding the range of products it manufactures and will now be marketing an additional family of products – the Folklore family.
In response to strong demand, Tibulim Ram is also expanding and doubling the number of products packaged in the new zipper bags. The new line of products was launched by the company in January 2008.
More products will be added to this line to reflect the needs and desires of customers.

Tibulim Ram launches a new line of products
January 2008
Tibulim Ram is launching a new line of products packaged in resealable zipper bags. The new line of products includes a wide variety of herbs, herbal infusions, plant infusions, seasonings, health and natural products. The products come in packages of 40 grams to 200 grams, depending on the specific product. They will be marketed to stores in a master cardboard box containing 24 units of the given product. The company is now considering selling the products in gift packs, containing a range of
products in a single package.

Standards Mark
December 2007
Tibulim Ram’s quality control system was audited and reviewed by The Standards Institution of Israel and found to comply with the requirements of the Israeli and international standard ISO9001:2000 for manufacturing, sale and distribution of seasonings, seasoning mixes and plant infusions.