Seasoning Mixes | An exciting culinary experience

Just imagine… Think about a special dish, something authentic, maybe something your grandmother used to make... Maybe something you ate at that wonderful little restaurant in Paris or Rome? You want to recreate it, make something similar, but… Did it contain a blend of seasonings and flavors that you don’t know how to prepare or where to buy? Tibulim Ram has the answer for you.

Over 100 ready-made seasoning mixes and at least the same number of blends that can be tailored to customer requests. They respond to any need, fulfill any fantasy or invention.

What’s available? Here’s a small ‘taste’: Over 20 seasoning mixes for rice, a wide range of blends to season meat, soups or any other dish you can imagine, and dozens of mixes to season your salads, quiches, cheeses and anything else your heart desires. And, never fear, at Tibulim Ram, we haven’t forgotten those of you who bake. We offer an array of baking mixes and enhancers for jams and fillings.

Tibulim Ram’s seasoning mixes make any dish or pastry a true celebration. The diverse mixes improve and enhance the flavor of meat and fish dishes, rice, salads, cheeses, baked goods and are also fabulous for desserts. Tibulim Ram knows the secret for combining a number of herbs and spices to result in an outstanding experience of colors, flavors and scents that are good for you too.

We look forward to sharing the experience of the 100 colorful mixes of the kibbutz kitchen and to coming up with hundreds more for you – the sky’s the limit! Please contact our R&D Department for a solution to your needs.

We invite you to participate in the festival of flavors of the hundreds of pure spices we offer. We also invite you to order anything you need.

Conehead thyme - Conehead thyme grows in a mound that is 20 cm – 40 cm in height. Its leaves produce an essential oil that smells like za’atar (hyssop). The Hebrew word for thyme, kornit, comes from early rabbinic literature. Our ancestors grew the plant in their courtyards: “Bundles of satureia and abrotanum and thyme, if they had been included among twigs or animal feed, they can be eaten on the Sabbath.” (Tosephta, Shabbat 14:12). As thyme can be found in almost all Mediterranean countries, many peoples knew it as a both a medicinal plant and a spice and perfume. The ancient Egyptians used thyme in embalming. Our ancestors used it in food, medicine and when making perfume. The Greeks used it when offering sacrifices to their gods. Roman women used it in their baths to keep their skin soft. Conehead thyme is an important seasoning in outdoor cooking. It is recommended for seasoning soups, meat dishes, baked goods, dairy products, mushroom dishes and beverages.