"A garden shut up is my sister, my bride; a spring shut up… Thy shoots are a park of pomegranates, with precious fruits… Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices." Song of Songs 4:12-14

As far back as Biblical times, the Children of Israel grew spices and used them to enhance the flavor of their food. In fact, spices were so highly valued that in Song of Songs, King Solomon used them as an allegory for the beauty and grace of his lover. Even today, people visiting the Zebulun and Jezreel Valleys enjoy the colorful sight and intoxicating scent wafting from the fields where Tibulim Ram grows the plants that are the foundation of its products.
The knowledge of how to grow and process the plants into hundreds of extremely high quality spices, seasoning mixes, infusions, and health and nature products is handed down in the company as a prized secret from generation to generation.

The vision of Tibulim Ram’s founders is to lead the spice manufacturing market through

innovation, uncompromising quality and flexibility to respond to the desires of its customers.
This vision is turned into reality each and every day, both in the past and present, in the hundreds and even thousands of unique, innovative and quality products Tibulim Ram has developed since its establishment and will continue to develop.

Tibulim Ram products can be divided into five main families:
Pure spices
Seasoning mixes
Herbal infusions
Natural and health products
Folklore products

Tibulim Ram products are sold to factories, Israel’s leading food manufacturers, health food stores, spice stands, restaurants and catering companies.
Tibulim Ram operates a factory outlet store at 28 Ha’halutzim Street (Levinsky Market) in Tel Aviv.