About US

In 2005 Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan and Tibulim Ltd., owned by Ilan Zitershpiler, joined forces to leverage the strength, know-how and advantages of the two organizations in manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales of dry spices. And so Tibulim Ram Ltd. came into being, continuing the activity of Tibulim Ltd., which was founded over 50 years ago on Moshav Beit Lehem HaGlilit, in the Jezreel Valley.

In 2008 Tibulim Ram established joint with Hagai Ron a company called "Pilpel" operating as a development and sales of spice blends and functional materials for the food industry.

Tibulim Ram is located on Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan, on the eastern edge of the Zebulun Valley. The company is actively engaged in growing crops along with kibbutz and moshav growers, who are trained by Tibulim Ram to grow regular and organic crops for it.
The extensive expanse of fields enables Tibulim Ram to offer a diverse array of thousands of products that can be divided into five main families. All the products in the following product families consist of herbs, infusion plants, fragrant and medicinal plants and dried fruit:

Pure spices
over 300 quality spices, including those you know and love as well as a very large number of unique and original spices.
Seasoning mixes
over 100 special blends and hundreds of mixes that can be ordered as needed by customers.
Herbal infusions
dozens of fruit, herbal, original blends and special exotic formulas.

Health and nature products
over 100 natural products, including very familiar ones used in almost every home as well as rare and unique products.
Folklore products
dozens of products used by healers and people who seek to change their lives with the help of plants, rocks, minerals and more.

The various production processes are conducted at the Tibulim Ram facility on Ramat Yochanan. The Sales and Marketing Departments distribute Tibulim Ram products to a wide variety of customers in Israel and around the word.

Tibulim Ram products are used in the industrial market as raw materials at the world’s leading food factories and are also used as dry packaged spices on the institutional and wholesale market.

The advanced technologies used by Tibulim Ram and its operational flexibility enable it to supply tailor made products to reflect the special requests of its customers (formulas, cutting, grinding, crushing and packaging) with every type of kashruth certification, including Badatz – Ha’eda Ha’haredith.

Tibulim Ram is currently most active in Israel, Europe and North America. The company complies with ISO 9001-2000, HACCP and Israeli food standards. It plans on adopting the GMP and ISO-22000 standards in the near future.